Manga Tie-in Pachinko Machines Increasing in Japan

Pachinko Vista is reporting that in 2007, Japan saw an increase in manga "tie-in" pachinko machines appeared in Japan. With around 140 machines, more than 1/4 of which are new machines, 55 of them are manga/anime related.

The machines are targeted at people from different generations, utilizing old titles such as Samurai Giants, Star Blazers, Tatter-man and more recent series like Basilisk and GTO. Some even became hit machines, such as Evangelion.

While tie-in machines are increasing in numbers, Japanese authority have begun to impose strict regulations on the pachinko industry. As a result, many pachinko parlors are struggling to remain in business. For more information, read the article "Pachinko politics, Korean missiles" from MSNBC.