Backstage: Anime News Service

Anime News ServiceAnime News Service, launched in 1998 by Jonah Morgan, is one of the earliest Web sites dedicated to reporting news on Japanese animation and comics that is still operational today.

From what the latest anime creators have been up to, to the latest trends in western distribution, to exclusive interviews with industry professionals, ANS has been serving industry news both from home and abroad.

So what went on behind the scenes at ANS? What is it like being one of the oldest anime news sites on the internet? Read on as we dive into the interesting history of Anime News Service.

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is it me or has that site

is it me or has that site not updated since september?

It's not just you,

It's not just you, apparently ANS is in another one of its (in)famous "break."

too bad, they used to rival

too bad, they used to rival ann with their content..yeaaaarrrsss ago.