New Shounen Jump Series Starting, New Manga from Creator of Yakitate!! Japan, and More

topWeekly Jump Reader's Journal reports that "throughout Jump's 40th anniversary year, the spine of each and every Jump issue will connect together to form one massive image to celebrate the anniversary."

Also, several new series are starting in Weekly Shounen Jump in December:

  • Jump No.1 (12/3)
    - Psyren (PSYREN -サイレン-) by Iwashiro Toshiaki
  • Jump No.2 (12/10)
    - K.O.SEN by Murase Katsutoshi
  • Jump No.3 (12/17)
    - Muddy by Sho Aimoto
  • Jump No.4/5 (12/25)
    - Shinritsu Mesopotamia Gakuen (私立メソポタミア学園) by Oe Shinichiro

A new medical manga titled Saijou no Meii (最上の命医) by Takashi Hashiguchi, mangaka of Yakitate!! Japan, will begin serialization in Weekly Shounen Sunday No.1 (12/5).

Tozen Ujiie's comedy/4-panel manga Imouto Wa Shishunki is coming to an end in Young Magazine No.52 (11/26).

Canned Dogs reports that another new Reibaishi Izuna short story will appear in the latest issue of Super Jump.

For the first time, Miyuki Miyabe's popular novel Crossfire (over 1,900,000 copies sold) will be adapted into a manga, and will distributed through mobile phones.

A new one-shot adaptation of the fantasy/romance light lovel Hatsukoi Magical Blitz by Asuka Shota (story) and Tenhiro Naoto (art) will appear in the January 2008 issue of Ultra Jump (12/19).