U.S. Teen Suspended for Listing Names in "Death Note"

ANN reports that the Franklin Military Academy in Virginia has suspended a senior for keeping a list of names in a book called "Death Note":

NBC12, the NBC affiliate in central Virginia, quotes a student at the public high school who said that she is friends with the suspended senior and that she was not on the list. The suspended student's friend said that neither she, nor her friends who were actually on the list, fear the suspended student.

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Death Note

yeah, I tried this too. it doesn't work.


i think that this whole incident was taken WAY OUT OF HAND nad the student was wrongly prosicuted!!!first off its just a show and ever one knows that none of the stuff that happens in the show can actually happen in real life!!!its just people enjoying what they love,being fans of anime!!!after all billions of people all over the world obsess over super-stars like Beyonce and chris brown!GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!NONE OF THAT STUFF CAN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!ITS JUST PEOPLE ENJOYING WHAT THEY LOVE!!!AND BESIDES I LOVE DEATH NOTE AND IM TIRED OF PEOPLE TRYING TO CANCEL/BAN/GET RID OF IT SO OTHER OTAKU LIKE US CANT ENJOY IT!SO STOP BEING STUPID AND GET OVER IT!!!!!