New Lucky Star Manga Adaptation Announced

According to Moon Phase, a new manga titled Lucky Star: Pocket Travelers (based on Lucky Star's "Lucky Channel") by Akari Ryuryuu will begin serialization in the January issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace (11/26).

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Kudos for 1st Chapter Pocket Travelers!


When I first heard of "Pocket Travelers" the first thing that popped into my mind was like, What? A pocket edition of Lucky Star -- like a tiny manga book?? :)

It's different from canon Lucky Star alright; whimsical, but faithfully enough Lucky Star to enjoy the same characters like the manga! I don't know whether the artist and writer are actual KyotoAnimation contributors, but kudos to them for a good read and I hope Chapter 2 isn't far behind!!

Thanks also to the great guys who scanlated this story for zero peso! Thanks a trillion you all! But -- you know what would be so cool? If these manga and doujinshi stories were dubbed with separate audio files -- maybe even with special sound / music effects to spice up your read! So cool!!!


lucky star graphic novel

am just wondering if there is a graphic novel of lucky star i mean i found it in japanese but well i need it english
iam a huge fan of the anime and would like to purchase the book
i live in england so its pretty hard to purchase graphic manga novels
please can you help me asap
thank you