Boku, Otariman Sells Over 500,000 in Japan

topAccording to Asahi Shimbun, the manga Boku, Otariman has reached the 500,000 mark in sales with the release of the series' second volume

Boku, Otariman (ぼく、オタリーマン。, literally "I am Otariman") is a comic written by Yoshitani (who worked for the site Dancing Company) and published by Chukei Publishing. The manga is a collection of entries that originally appeared on an internet blog, and was later compiled by Chukei Publishing's editor Yuko Ito.

According to Japanese Writers' House:

The collection of these essay-style comics, featuring Mr. Yoshitani as the otaku salaryman (ergo Otariman) [...] the book has been enjoying a large response from mainly young businessmen and its inventories have been selling out at many stores.

Source: Asahi Shimbun