Lucky Star Sales Enjoy Steady Growth, to Surpass Haruhi?

topAccording to Kodokawa Shoten, thanks to the anime adaptation of Lucky ☆ Star, various Lucky Star-related items have been enjoying a big boost in sales.

Lucky Star is a 4-koma by Kagami Yoshimizu serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Comptiq magazine (and later appeared in Shonen Ace). The manga was originally created as a filler comic, but the series soon became popular among fans, and was adapted into an anime in early 2007.

According to the report, so far each volume of the Lucky Star DVD has enjoyed sales of over 50,000. The number of pre-orders for the limited (6,930 yen) and the regular (5,880 yen) edition of volume 4, set to release on 9/28, has already reached 53,000 (with many stores still unstocked). The report states that sales of the entire Haruhi series (8 volumes total) is around 530,000, Lucky Star is set to be released in 12 volumes. If this trend continues, eventually sales of Lucky Star will surpass Haruhi.

Source: Bunkatsushin