Doraemon Leaps From Fiction to Reality?

A new book titled 2112 September 3rd, Doraemon is Born! (2112年9月3日、ドラえもんは本当に誕生する! ) was recently release in Japan. The book, written by Japan's first science navigator and sakurAi Science Factory's host Susumu Sakurai, claims that technologies found in Doraemon, such as the fourth-dimensional pocket, time machine and dokodemo door (a teleportation device), can become a reality through Einstein's theory of relativity.

The book, aimed primarily at adults who grew up with Fujiko F. Fujio's Doraemon, explains that many concepts introduce in Doraemon, such as the fourth dimension, mass and energy, time, and space, are very similar to the future predicted by Einstein. However, significant advancement in natural science is required to reach that future.

Source: Koikesan's Diary