New Shakugan no Shana Manga, Moetan Manga Adaptation and More to Start in New MediaWorks Magazine

topMediaWorks has announced (PDF) a new seinen magazine titled Dengeki Kuro Maoh. The new magazine, a special issue of Dengeki Maoh, will be released on September 19th and will be published on a quarterly basis. The circulation of the magazine will be 80,000 issues, and will focus on manga, anime and novels for young men. One of the new series starting in this magazine will be a new Shakugan no Shana manga.

The manga, titled Shakugan no Shana X Eternal song -Harukanaru Uta- (灼眼のシャナX Eternal song -遙かなる歌-), will be illustrated by Kiya Shii, and story will be based on the 10th volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel.

Other manga starting in the new magazine include a manga adaptation of the PS2 game Ichegeki Sacchuu!! Hoi Hoi-san titled Ichegeki Sacchuu!! Hoi Hoi-san Legacy (一撃殺虫!!ホイホイさんLEGACY), drawn by Kunihiko Tanaka, who is known for designing the characters for Xenogears and Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht.

The magazine will also contain a manga adaptation of Moetan.



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Great :D

Its great to see another seinen manga magazine from MediaWorks (one of my favourite Japanese publishers), and on top of that they are starting a new Shakugan no SHANA manga in it :D

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