Suzuka to End in Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 42

According to the latest diary entry from Kouji Seo, Suzuka, currently serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine and published in the U.S. by Del Rey Manga, will end in Shonen Magazine issue 42 (9/21) after 3+ years of serialization. According to the entry, the final manuscript was handed in on the 25th of this month.

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Suzuuukaa!!!!! finishing :'( ??!!!

i guess there's nowhere else to go from here but still .... I'll miss suzuka :'( she was my fav manga girl ever!
She had an attractive female complexity, pretty face and all those heart feelings and expressions!! aaahh!! i'm gonna cry i think...

well it's been great :')


It ends too soon. It's like mangaka has run out of steam, he didn't know where to get it further, especialy the track and field subplot so he just forced them into the latest development just to wrap it up quickly. it would be very interesting to see the situation develop further now, arguably much more interesting than all the stuff that happened before. Shame :(

too bad

I was hoping that the series wouldn't end yet, I would like to see how they handle becoming young parents and what not. oh well, all we can hope for now is for the second half of the manga to be made into an anime. it was good while it lasted, but everything ends eventually.

you're right

i also like 2 see what happen to suzuka and yamato relationship... how the to of them handle parents job... its so exciting to see that...

I love suzuka too and I feel

I love suzuka too and I feel a bit shocked when I read the last chapter. however, when everything's in its position, we finally got to buh bye her. another unfortunate loss is I can never meet my fav character, yamato anymore, lol. That he dunno how to make love to suzuka in chapter 147 make me guffaw times to times.

please can you continue suzuka's story

ammM its so suprising when i read the suzuka mangga....because it was awsome great the since are beautiful.. i hope to continue suzuka because im a ultimate fan of that mangga howeever i will miss the characters of suzuka specially suzuka...i like 2 see suzuka's next story i would like to see how yamato and suzuka handle parents job?? what will happen next,,.

well i just now finished the

well i just now finished the manga... heard about the anime from a friend but i usually like to read the manga first. finished it all in about 2 days actually... but i fell in love with the characters. they all really developed throughout the series. i love suzuka =/ but everything seems to fit perfectly at the end. everyones finally happy.. a perfect ending. sad to see it go even if i only knew it for 2 days. this is probly my favorite manga now.. beautifully written. just sucks that all great things have to come to an end......