Hentai Doujinshi Mangaka Arrested for Obscene Work


An illustrator named Masaya Miyashita (39) from Matsuyama city was arrested for creating and selling obscene manga. Police confiscated 6,600 manga during the arrest. According to reports, the artist ordered 17,000 copies of his work from a printing company in Okayama Prefecture, and even allowed doujin bookstores to sell the manga in Tokyo and Kanagawa last year.

Police estimates that Miyashita has been selling his works since early 2003, and so far has sold over 20,000 copies, earning approximately 15 million yen in profit. Other people and firms involved are also being investigated by the police.

Edit: Visit Icarus Blog for a comprehensive report on the matter.

Source: RNB Online News

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a lesson to others

His works aren't so different from others. Most of the opinions on the internet regard this arrest is a warning for all doujin artists. Police give them the lessens periodically. For some time from now, the censoring on the hentai doujinshi must become larger.