"New" and "Old" Manga from Tokyopop Germany

Deutsche Mangaka reports that Tokyopop Germany has licensed a few new manga, as well as some old works:

  • Daemonenjunge Lain (Demonboy Lain) by Natalie Wormsbecher - December 2007
  • Tylsim by Reyhan Yildirim - March 2008
  • Stupid Story by Anna Hollmann - March 2008
  • Liberty - Raised out of Dirt by Nheira - December 2007
  • Yonen Buzz United (special volume) by Christina Plaka - December 2007

Also mentioned is that Tokyopop will be releasing Pink Psycho's In the End and Mary Hildebrandt & David Boller's Evergrey in America in February and March.

Source: MangaBlog