Pharmaceutical Company Uses Manga to Educate Men Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Pfizer Incorporated, the pharmaceutical company that produces sildenafil citrate, otherwise known as Viagra, is currently serializing a manga titled Nisemono? (Fake?) by Hiroshi Motomiya on its Japanese homepage. The manga aims to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Hiroshi Motomiya is the creator of Salaryman Kintaro, Ore no Sora, and other manga that deal with themes such as economics, politics, yakuza gangs and various issues in society. Motomiya's manga mostly appeal to men in their 30's and 40's, men who may very well be worried about something other than their society.

According to Pfizer, only 2 days after Nisemono? first appeared on its website on 7/23, the site's traffic reached the same level as the total traffic from the previous month, showing that the manga played an important role in attracting visitors.

It's estimated that there are over 10 million men in Japan who are having problems with their sex life. According to Pfizer, many of those men are either too shy or don't know where to look for help. The manga on Pfizer's frontpage aims to help those people by providing them with tips and information on how to cure their "illness."


Source: JCN Newswire

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ROFL! Hmm Manga +

ROFL! Hmm Manga + Viagra...Manga for men who reads manga...Viagra for man who reads this the perfect business plan no one has thought of, or just a strange coincidence?

Either way, glad to see all the creative uses manga are being put into.

Japanese people

Yes what the difference is the Japanese people if they help it well and viagra JĂșlia mark and therefore sales are going well

Wow, thats a wonderful idea.

Wow, thats a wonderful idea. If by using a different media you can get the message across more effectively, what harm can it do. Surely it can only bring benefit if site visitors feel more comfortable viewing the literature in a different format.