Yen Press Takes in ICE Kunion Licenses and Editor

According to the latest issue of PWCW, Korean manhwa publisher ICE Kunion will be completely absorbed by Hachette's new manga imprint Yen Press. Yen Press will begin releasing ICE Kunion titles beginning in spring of 2008, and plans to release 30-40 titles by the end of 2008.

Also, former ICE Kunion editorial director Ju-Youn Lee is now Yen Press' senior editor. According to Lee regarding Yen Press' offer to Sigongsa (one of ICE Kunion's parent company):

"I asked them, would they like to join Yen Press with all the resources of Hachette behind the titles. They decided it would be a better chance to take risks with Hachette." Lee said that while the ICE Kunion co-venture was a good project, "We didn’t have any staff working in U.S., and we had our limits doing work from Korea."