Kyoto Manga Museum Celebrates CoroCoro Comic 30th Anniversary

The Kyoto International Manga Museum will hold a special exhibition from 7/30 to 8/27 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic, a children's magazine that serializes manga like Doraemon and Pokemon.

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US manga exhibition

hello manga museum
to begin..does this translate ?
i represent a large art center in NY Philadelphia USA are
the largest of its kind in america-- called goggleworks
i am also a resident artist here
i am collecting work for a manga exhibit
small gallery in may 2008
main exihibtion floor may 2009
i will be in kyoto september-october 2007 for this purpose
i would like to meet with you then
to discuss this project
i can send more details if this mail is OK
or i can translate to nihongo
domo arigato

If you need to contact the

If you need to contact the manga museum, why not just contact them directly?

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