Doraemon Influenced Murder?

Itai News reports that a 19-year-old murderer who killed a mother and her one-year-old daughter back in 1999 may have been affected by Doraemon, according to the testimony given by the defendant. animeOnline has a brief translation:

When asked by a prosecutor to relate the scene of the murder, the now 26-year-old said that he had "believed in [fictional manga character] Doraemon." When pressed for further explanation, he responded, "After I killed them both, I thrust both my hands into their pockets." He also added, "I stuffed the the girl into a drawer because I wanted Doraemon to do something for me."

Doraemon, created by the late Fujiko F. Fujio, is one of the most popular children's manga in the world. The manga was awarded the first Osamu Tezuka Culture Award in 1997.