Enterbrain Magi-Cu to Cease Publication

According to Ultimatum, Enterbrain's manga/novel magazine Magi-Cu (derived from Magical Cute) will cease publication after the release of volume 40 (on June 25th).

Source: Ultimatum Chat

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My Precious >.<

My magazine is getting defunct :(

I'm not the only one thats going to be sad about this, there's many that started reading this magazine because of me :P (at least 20 asked me about the magazine because of my promotion to it in some anime forum).


I've been subscribed since issue 16. As much as there's other magazines/mooks that have popped up since then with some similar content (Megami Creators, Dengeki Moeoh to a certain extent), MagiCu will definitely be missed amongst my monthly visual goodies. :(