First Ever Chinese-Foreign Joint Venture Manga Company to Be Established in June

Villagers (Tianjin) Manga Ltd., the first ever Chinese-foreign joint venture manga company, will be established on June 28th in Tianjin, China.

Villagers (Tianjin) Manga Ltd., a joint venture between China and Korea, aims to become one of the biggest original Chinese comics publisher, and help spread Chinese comics overseas. The new company's general manager and founding editor-in-chief Chen Wei Dong is also the founder of Tianjin Shen Jie Manga, another original Chinese comics publisher. According to Chen Wei Dong, Villagers (Tianjin) Manga and Tianjin Shen Jie Manga will closely cooperate with each other in order to promote original Chinese comics both in China and abroad.

Having worked in the industry for 13 years, Chen Wei Dong is said to be one of the most influential person in China's comics industry. According to reports, close to a hundred people, including people from within the comics industry as well as Tianjin government officials, will attend Villagers (Tianjin) Manga's inaugural ceremony on June 28th.

Source: Sohu

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Why do you translate the

Why do you translate the company`s name to "manga"?

Chinese and Japanese are using the same hanzi/kanji for "comic", but in Chinese it is not pronounced "manga", it is pronounced "manhua".

Hmm good point, in this

Hmm good point, in this particular case manhua would be a better choice... I wonder where this whole manga/manhwa/manhua thing started... in each language (JP/Kor/CH) the words simply mean comics (from Japan mostly)... in Chinese when one wants to distinguish between Japanese comics and Chinese comics...they simple add a Japanese or Chinese in front of manga/manhua/comics/whatchamacallit. ;)


heya, im a manga fan, who wants to send own drawn animes off to a manga company to see if my pictures are any good could you tell me how to send them off and where to send them?

thank you..