Kyoto Police Identifies 13 Loli Manga as "Harmful Books"

topOn June 7th, the Kyoto Prefecture local government identified 13 loli manga titles as "harmful books" for featuring excessive sexual content involving girls under the age of 13.

On June 15th, the prefecture's Commission on the Health and Growth of Youths announced the 13 titles that were investigated. The website Doujinshi Life and Culture General Research Center (via Icarus Blog) has a list the titles from Kyoto Shimbun and their respective publishers:

  • Shobunkan
  • - Youjo no Yuuwaku / 幼女の誘惑 (Temptation of Little Girls)

  • Akane Shinsha
  • - Muhoubi Toshi Sengen / 無防備年齢宣言 (Declaration of the Defenseless Age)
    - Randoseru Sekando / ランドセルセカンド (Round Shell Second)
    - Jihanki / 児犯鬼 (Child Crime Oni)
    - Shoujo Kanbetsujo / 少女姦蔑所 (Girl Violation Office)
    - Sugo! Loli / 極!幼女(スゴ!ロリ) (Extreme! Loli)

  • Chloe Publishing
  • - Ai Imouto Kan-in / 愛妹姦淫 (Lovely Sister Adultery)

  • Hit Shuppansha
  • - Shoujo Club / 少女倶楽部 (Young Girls Club)

  • G-Walk
  • - Rabumirukushawaa / らぶみるくしゃわぁ (Love Milk Shower)

  • Core Magazine
  • - Seifuku de Ijimete / 制服で凌辱て (Rape Me in My School Uniform)

  • Moeru Publishing
  • - Youchi Utage II / 幼痴宴Ⅱ (Pedophile's Banquet II)

  • TI Net
  • - Kodomo no Shirushi / 子供のしるし (Children's Mark)
    - Chisetsu na Ana / 稚拙な穴 (Childlike Hole)

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Go Target Shota Manga :P

Kyoto Police seems to only notice loli manga, what about "harmful" shota manga?

Ahh I know, Kyoto Police's minds are full with loli manga, that might be the reason they are only targeting loli manga, because thats the thing they know best about (they have checked and enjoyed many loli manga).


haha you have a good point

haha you have a good point

Maybe they believe loli

Maybe they believe loli manga is closer related to child pornography issues...

I'm so glad that they did

I'm so glad that they did this! i hope that soon all those disgusting rubbish mangas will disappear .

i don't think that that will

i don't think that that will happen if anything i think that having it in the news is just going to make it worse off the it was to being with

So why can't they just

So why can't they just shrink-wrap the "bad" what they're doing in the U.S.?

U do realize ur all

U do realize ur all pedophiles, right?

I like nude children

I like nude children

I've read a few of these

I've read a few of these books, and there's nothing content-wise that sets them apart from 99% of the other stuff out there.

They do shrink wrap the "bad" manga, btw. Everything that's sexually explicit, regardless of its content is shrink wrapped, provided it's sold in a book store of some sort. I'm sure there are some exceptions, namely comic festivals, but I never visited a store that allowed me to preview the contents of what I was buying, which is a damn shame, cause a lot of the stuff out there is crap with a nice looking title page.

Also, to the champion of justice, who's rallying for the removal of loli porn, don't hold your breath. Loli manga isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. If you don't like it, feel free to not download it, but spare us your ridiculous moral stand for the fictional children victimized by fictional sexual assault.


Damn! I'm going to search the scans of those....