Mayu Shinjo and Shogakukan Go Separate Ways

topMayu Shinjo is a popular shojo mangaka whose work regularly appear on Sho-comi. Some of her popular works include Love Celeb, Kaikan Phrase, and Haou Airen.

On May 23rd, manga artist Mayu Shinjo announced on her blog her plan to leave Shogakukan after her current serialization ends. Below is a summary-excerpt of Mayu Shinjo's blog post:

Mayu Shinjo will be leaving Shogakukan, where she has worked for the past 14 years, and go on to walk the road of a "free" manga artist.

I'm planning on doing different works for various magazines, works that aren't restricted by the framework of a mangaka. I just want to challenge myself to do different things, so performing and singing aren't out of the question. Don't worry, in the end I'm still a manga artist, but I think gaining these experiences will be good for me. Right now I can't reveal too much details, but more information will become available in the future.

Even though this is a bit selfish, I think I can do this just once without betraying my real feelings. If I am to continue with all kinds of serializations, I won't have the time and energy to do what I want to do. I just want to let everyone know that after my current manga ends, I will temporarily stop being a mangaka, and enter a "preparation period" and then a "recharge period."

Of course, there are still many things I want to draw, so who knows when I will come back and challenge myself to draw again. I would like to thank all my readers for supporting me, I will definitely be back in the future, please wait for my return.

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i really really like your comics iven thought i must give extra energi to ind it in my country, but the way i am living in indonesia. i just want to know every your comics is it have make became movie in cd or dvd? if yes where can i find it?what the title?is it same title with your comic?thank you

Oh. I realy love your manga.

Oh. I realy love your manga. It's too bad that your books is realy hard to find here (Sweden). I hope you create more amazing stories later on so that I can read them all. Love you and good luck!! ^_^


i was wondering if someone can tell me when shes going to be releaseing any more mangas.. i love all her work!!!!

I'm a big fans of miss

I'm a big fans of miss shinjos work and if she has been abused this way, Im happy that she was able to stand up for her rights and leave that publisher. I would happily wait until she is ready to make more wonderful series. I hope she gets all the rest she deserves!!!

Mayu Shinjo

I love love loooove your manga! it's so cool! and... the guys are dreamy, and hot.

I hope you do great! Please

I hope you do great! Please come back! ^_^

I need some information

I need some information about the cd-drma of Haou Airen, onegaaiiii if you have any translation meke me knows, sayou