Seven Seas Cancels Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan)

topICv2 reports that Seven Seas Entertainment has decided to cancel the publication of Kaworu Watashiya's seinen comedy, Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) in the U.S. According to Seven Seas president Jason Deangelis, they have decided it not appropriate Nymphet in the U.S. A full explaination from Jason Deangelis can be found here. Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold also briefly mentions his view on the issue.

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In other related news, AoD reports that LiveJournal has removed a large number of communities and journals related to yaoi, shota, and rape. ANN has the full story.

In more related news, Yahoo! News reports that proposals to execute pedophiles is making headway in the U.S.

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stupid REason

For the people who have a problem with this Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) manga being released in the US, their is a simple thing u fucks and do Not read it\
Why should other be deprived of a funny and entertaining story
just because u don't like what its a bout If things really worked liek that we would never have Jerry Springer, Family South park
there is much more worse things out there u can be focus on.

Dont give me the Speech about this counts as child Pornography
cuz last time I check u had to be an Existing human in order to qualify as that/.

So stop ur bitching and stop trying to deprive from something
they want to read. and if u really did ur home work
you would know there is no sex between Rin and her teach anyway
sp there should be no problem.

Then maybe they should have

Then maybe they should have a protest and have people sign a petition to bring it back and have a age limit on buyin the manga and dvd. So fucking retarded people who dont like it can shove it up their asses >O