Sho-Comi the Worst Shojo Manga Magazine for Children According to Japanese Parents

Sho-ComiThe Japanese National PTA Conference has named Shogakukan's Sho-Comi (Shoujo Comic) the number one manga magazine that should not be read by children. The result was obtained through a questionnaire in November 2006 from parents of 5th and 8th grade students.

Sho-Comi came in first as the worst magazine for children, while Ciao (Shogakukan) ranked 2nd, and Nakayoshi (Kodansha) took the 3rd spot. As for the reason why the magazine should not be read by children, 60% said that these magazines contain excessive sexual content.

Also, Crayon Shin-chan, which was named the number 1 show that should not be watched by children in 2003, came in 3rd in this year's survey.

Source: FujiSankei Business

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Well, of course. I can't

Well, of course. I can't speak for what's currently running in Ciao or Nakayoshi, but Sho-Comi is really racy enough that I'd consider it closer to josei than shoujo. Keep it away from the 5th graders please.

Though I think grades 8 and up are okay, personally.

I agree with you. But for

I agree with you. But for Shin-chan, it's really not directed toward young children anyway, and (at least in America) it's shown very late at night and comes with a disclaimer. So I don't really see why (or how) young children could watch it... But with Sho-comi, I understand. It really is racey as you put it and it is geared toward anyone, really. I don't think it is much of an issue with eigth graders also, but then again, some of them might be thinking a little ahead of themselves...

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why Nakayoshi and Ciao are being objected to because of "sexual content"...I mean, unless they've changed a lot since I last got them, I don't remember there being much sexual content in any way. Maybe some suggestiveness, but definitely not Sho-Comi levels.

Bessatsu Friend was on this list too, and that has more mature content so I could probably understand that...

Probably because images like

Probably because images like these (NSFW!)...this one oroginally appeared in Ciao

I don't think that that sex

I don't think that that sex manual thing appeared in Ciao, mainly because Ciao has furigana over every kanji and the text in that image doesn't. If it did appear in a Shogakukan manga magazine, it probably appeared in one like Petit Comic, which is aimed at an older audience, and does not have furigana.

Are you serious...??

I was shocked... That was in Ciao ??? Holy cow! Even I have not seen anything like that in there. I must have missed it.


Not Ciao

No, this scan is not from Ciao.
As other people say, it must be came from Sho-Comi's Cheese.

Not Ciao

It's definately NOT Ciao. Ciao is more for 3rd graders to middle school students. I still don't know why Ciao got 2nd place (and Nakayoshi too). Ciao and Nakayoshi are probably the most "safe" manga magazines!

I initially thought the scan

I initially thought the scan couldn't be from Ciao too, since it looked like it probably came from Sho-Comi's Cheese! monthly, but apparently, this post would suggest otherwise...

Um, the link the blogger

Um, the link the blogger posted to a Japanese BBS has people saying it's from different magazines. There are some people who say its from Ciao, others who say its impoissible, it must be from Sho-Comi or magazines like that. And at the end there's someone who says its from renai tengoku, which is a josei manga magazine. If it truly was in Ciao, they would put furigana, these two pages have kanji too complicated for elementary schoolers.

Shoujo Smut

Ha! Someone's finally nailing (excuse the pun) Sho-Comi for the soft-core rape fantasy porn mag it's become. Yuu Watase runs in there, and has for years, so people should give her credit--she's really, REALLY boosting the quality and morals of the stuff Sho-Comi's readership is usually exposed to.

I don't think 8th graders are nearly ready for Sho-Comi. Hell, I would only give it to a high-schooler if I knew him/her personally and thus could guess whether or not s/he could handle it. It's not just the sexual content, it's the sexual themes. Even college girls are deeply bothered by Mayu Shinjo's looming, dominating, rapist male love interests, and fairly common practice in a Sho-Comi sex scene assault is to show the redness or bruise marks on the girl's hands after she's been held down (she'll almost always end up dating her attacker, by the way). It's full of fantasies about rough sex, rape, and controlling men who are either physically bigger, older, or in a position of power (think hottie teachers). I don't think a 13-15 reader is usually old enough to realize that sort of thing is escapist fantasy and not some sort of twisted romance that further promotes (like it needs any more promoting!) the appeal of bad boys.

Forgive me for supplying a personal link, but I've written about this in more detail elsewhere:

I remember reading about a

I remember reading about a news report last year where artists from magazines like Sho-Comi are asked to restrain their works...doesn't look like it helped.

Current Ciao

I havent read very recent, but i say it's not all that sexual, I'm Monster Candy it was a little of color, but good for sixth grade and up...