2007 North American Anime Magazine Update

The people behind the free anime newspaper Janime have started a new publication called POPJNEO, while the podcast Anime Today reports that Otaku USA issue 1 is in the process of hitting the presses.

Otaku USAJanime, the free anime publication that's been distributed at anime conventions and festivals across North America, has announced a new sister publication named PopJNeo. PopJNeo issue one, which came out this past April, is just under 50 pages of j-pop culture(anime, manga, cosplay, fashion, & music). Janime will continue to be published with no set schedule or frequency at conventions.

In the latest podcast from Anime Today, the new editor chief of Otaku USA Patrick Macias reveals what will be in the premier issue. Jason Thompson will be in charge of manga, Mark Nagata, who is the editor of the magazine Super 7, will be reviewing toys, and the people behind the podcast Anime World Order will be in contributing anime reviews. The cover of issue 1 has been posted here.

Thanks Isaac Alexander