New Series from Creator of Kagetora

According to the latest TOC info, a new series titled Kiss☆Cry by Akira Segami (creator of Kagetora) will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 24, on sale May 16th.

Source: Ultimatum Chat

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Today is a sad day for news. First SJ numbers and now more manga from Segami!! Kagetora was so so bad.

Bring me some good news CP!

Yeah, give us more about

Yeah, give us more about manga about manly men who do manly things to other manly men! (rofl)

Breaking news! Masaki "Hard

Breaking news! Masaki "Hard Gay" Sumitani is getting his own manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump. Sales of Weekly Jump is expected to increase by 75%.


that would be so win. for a

that would be so win.

for a week or 2


Actually HG did have his own manga for a while. I forget who published it but it is out there (at least in magazine format).

I was just kidding by the way, no worries about sad/bad news. I wasn't kidding about Segami's work, though. He is awful!