Chaotic RunES Going on Hiatus Due to Artist Going Blind

topYamamoto Kenji's manga Chaotic RunES will be going on hiatus in the June issue of Akita Shoten's Champion Red. According to Champion Red's Editorial Department, Yamamoto Kenji was forced to stop drawing due to his rapidly deteriorating eyesight that has left him almost blind. Below is part of a letter from Champion Red's Editorial Department:

The author Kenji Yamamoto is rapidly losing his eyesight, currently his eyes cannot even recognize objects. According to his doctor, Yamamoto has ablatio retinae caused by intraocular hemorrhage, and so the Editorial Department has determined it impossible for him to continue drawing.

This month's issue [of Champion Red] will not carry Chaotic RunES. We're very sorry to all the readers regarding this issue. Although this is a knife-edge situation, we will honor Yamamoto's strong desire t he want to work on Chaotic RunES in anyway he can, and carry his work in the next issue of Champion Red with full-color illustration (in the opening chapter). Kenji Yamamoto is currently being attended to by a doctor, if you would like to send him letters of encouragement, please send it to our office, and we will pass your letters to him.

Via: AoD