Japanese Gay Men's Magazine Revives Again

According to Mainchi Daily News, Barazoku, a Japanese gay men's magazine, will be revived for the third time. This time, the magazine will serialized a previously unpublished manga by Junichi Yamakawa, who is known for his Kuso Miso Technique:

"Barazoku," a gay icon since it became the first magazine for the homosexual community, is back on bookstore shelves again -- the third time it has been resurrected since going into hiatus in September 2004 following 33 straight years of publication for the non-straight.

Brief returns were made in April 2005 and again in August last year, but the same problem of lack of advertising revenue drove it back into the dark hole once again. This time, its publishers are aiming to keep it running for good.

Source: Mainichi Daily