Shibayama Kaoru Passes Away at 43


topMangaka Shibayama Kaoru (43) passed away on April 14th due to heart failure. Shibayama Kaoru is known for his works such as Rival and Chara!, his current series, Mugen Shoujo Dreamer Angels, is serialized in the bi-monthly magazine Comic Valkyrie. Below is a statement from Shibayama Kaoru's editor regarding her death:

We had a meeting about Dreamer Angels on the 20th of last month, I still remember how he had so much passion for the next chapter. I think it's a shame that he was not able to finish Dreamer Angels. As for me, his editor, his death is a very sorrowful experience.

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43? I have myself heart issues since I was a child, I hope not to die that young. RIP... sad...