Kodansha Celebrates Hajime no Ippo's 80th Volume

To celebrate the release of the 80th volume of its boxing manga Hajime no Ippo, Kodansha will be releasing 3,000 sets of a special collector's edition box set called "Early Times Set." The box set will come with the first 30 volume of Hajime no Ippo.

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30 years??

Is Ippo himself going to be 30? Because the manga is only 18 years old.
According to Shop Kodansha they are celebrating 80 volumes.


Manga Jouhou reports on Kodansha's special plan for celebrating Hajime no Ippo's 30th anniversary:

In celebrating the 30th year anniversary of Hajime no Ippo's serialization, Kodansha has put out a collector edition of the first 30 volumes, titled "Early Times Set" (limited to 3000 sets). Pre-order starts May 13th; 12600 yen.

You're so right! I didn't even bother to read the texts on the Kodansha page...I'm slipping, gotta check source no matter where the news came from.

Doesn't matter!

I mean the series doesn't have to modernize immediately! Now that we have the past in our archive, it would be fun to see Ippo's life as a high schooler.
Kind of like listening to an older person saying what it was like when they were younger, ya know?