Kadokawa Shoten Announces Light Novel Award 2007

Kodakawa Shoten's 2007 Light Novel Award is now open to public voting. The award contain five categories:

  • Love Comedy category
  • School Life story category
  • Action category
  • Mystery category
  • Novelize category

According to the awards page, those who vote will receive a chance to win gifts:

Gift A: A cover illustration from the winner of the grand prize, complete with an autograph from the work's author.
*30 people who voted for the winning-work will be selected in a drawing.

Gift B: A set of 5 original bookmarks from Light Novel Award 2007.
*300 people who took part in voting will selected in a drawing.

Extra: Light Novel Award 2007 original book cover
*People who voted with all voting cards (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, Fujimi Bunko, Dengeki Bunko, and Famitsu Bunko)

Below are the nominated works organized by categories:

Love Comedy Category

School Life Category

Action Category

Mystery Category

Novelize Category

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Kadokawa Shoten's Light

Kadokawa Shoten's Light Novel Award 2007 seems to only include shounen light novels.

Every one of the categories mentioned above have 1 light novel from a different shounen label (1 light novel from Sneaker Bunko, 1 light novel from Dengeki Bunko, 1 light novel from Famitsu Bunko, and 1 light novel from Fantasia Bunko or Mystery Bunko)

It seems to me like a competition between Kadokawa's shounen labels to see what label will be the best (LOL)

I personally prefer Dengeki Bunko light novels over anything else :P

Light novels from Kadokawa's shoujo labels (Beans Bunko, Ruby Bunko) were not included in this Light Novel Award 2007. I wonder if these labels will have their own light novel awards >.<