Dengeki G's Festival Volume 8 Comes with Shakugan no Shana Hug Pillow Cover

topIt's a common practice nowadays to include free gifts with manga magazines in the form of posters or keychains. However, the latest issue of MediaWork's Dengeki G's Festival came with 3 free gifts that are quite special for a magazine:

1) A pass case featuring Shakugan no Shana S artworks from Noizi Ito.
2) A Shakugan no Shana themed mobile phone screen cleaner.
3) A 155x50cm Shakugan no Shana dakimakura (hug pillow) cover, featuring artworks from Noizi Ito herself.

Dengeki G's Festival volume 8 was released on March 29th for 1980 yen. Considering the fact that a dakimakura cover alone usually costs over 1980 yen, as a result many otakus are buying the newest issue of the magazine just for its gifts.

Source: Akiba Blog