Hentai Manga Fan Murders British Teacher


Anime UK News reports that British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker was recently murdered by a Japanese hentai manga fan. According to investigators, the prime suspect, Tatsuya Ichihashi, may have murdered Lindsay while playing out a scene from one of his hentai manga, as Lindsay, whose naked body was found buried in a bath of sand, was strangled to death after her hands and feet were tied with plastic cords:

Ichihashi, 28, has been on the run since fleeing barefoot from police when they called at his apartment in Ichikawa, east of Tokyo, to question him about Hawker. Detectives are probing the possibility that comic book fan Ichihashi had played out a sick fantasy from one of the stories in Hentai Manga - piles of which were found in his flat.

The adult comics are extremely popular in Japan and often contain scenes of girls and women being raped and tortured. Hawker's body was covered in bruises and her hands and feet had been bound with plastic ties normally used for gardening, local police said.

Via: Anime UK News