Kenjirou Hata Injures Right Hand?

topAccording to the latest "Sunday Backstage" (where Shonen Sunday manga artists write their rants) Hayate the Combat Butler creator Kenjirou Hata currently has some trouble with his right hand.

From Sunday Backstage Vol.123 03/20/2007:

"Even though I worked overnight yesterday, I woke up this morning after about two hours of sleep due to a light pain in my right hand.


imgAfter I got up, my pain did not cease. In fact, I had to get up because of the pain.


A fracture? A sprain? But there's no reason for them to happen, I have always paid special attention to not hurt my right hand, I don't even don't hold heavy materials with my right hand. It feels weird, if my right hand has some serious problem, what should I do?


Later, I went to a hospital and took a X-ray. The nurse was cute, which made me feel a little better. Later the doctor told me: "Your bone is mineralized [...] you must have been holding a pen in the same pose for six or seven hours everyday. If you didn't do such things, the bone mineralization would have never occured in such a place."

Sorry doc, the amount of time I've been holding a pen is more than twice of what you thought......."

There was no mention whether Kenjirou Hata's hand condition will affect the serialization of Hayate the Combat Butler in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

Source: YuYu Diary