"Doraemon - Final Episode" Sells for 8,000 Yen in Akihabara

imgLast month Shogakukan requested a doujinshi artist to cease publication of his work, a doujinshi titled Doraemon - Final Episode. The doujinshi was released at Comiket 69 (Winter 2005). The work was drawn and written so well that many fans thought it was the official conclusion to Doraemon.

Although the doujinshi's author has stopped distributing the work, the Mandarake store in Akihabara has put up a poster that says: "Doraemon - Final Episode for 8,000 yen."


Yet 8,000 yen is not very expensive, as copies of the doujinshi were sold on online auction sites for as high as 35,000 yen.

Source: Akiba Blog
- Image from Akiba Blog