Negima! Live-Action Drama News

Ken Akamatsu wrote in the 2/27 entry of his online dairy that a Negima-related surprise will be announced in April.

Recently Japanese fans discovered a post on actress Ai Tanimoto's blog (currently unavailable), which mentions that a Negima! live-action drama is planned for the upcoming year, and that she will be playing the role of one of the girls.

There has been no official confirmation regarding a Negima! live-action drama.

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How old are the girls in the Negima manga?

If this really turns out to be true >.> will they bring actresses as old as the girls in the manga ? and will there be fanservice O.O

Not confirmed yet

Well it hasn't been officially confirmed yet... we'll just have to wait till April ;)

man 30 girls

The girls in Negima are supose to be 13-14 even though a lot of them don't look it in the manga. But man if this does go though that’s 30 girls someone is going to have to hire all of them plus the little kid to be negi. And I bet we won’t see any fan service which everyone knows is Ken Akamatsu bread and butter.

i though the girls in negima

i though the girls in negima were 15


no there not all that age .the twins are 13

What about the Anime?

I wanna know if they plan a second season for the anime. My favorite part in the books was about to happen as the season ended!