Light Novel Label Palette Bunko Suspended by Shogakukan

Shogakukan has announced the suspension of its BL (Boy's Love) light novel label Palette Bunko. The last light novels published under the Palette label were released in December 2006. The Palette Bunko will be replaced by two new light novel labels, Gagaga and Lululu, from Shogakukan in Fall 2007.

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I failed to comprehend the

I failed to comprehend the reason for the mentioned above, since, either the explanation was left out, or was there no provided by Shogakukan.

I'm fairly interested though, in why the manga got suspended.

Doesn't look like

Doesn't look like Shogakukan's site provided much info either, probably like Monthly Jump, this label became less profitable, and with the new labels coming out later this year, they decided to cut this one.