Manga Adaptation of the Bible Announced

Publisher Hodder and Stoughton has announced The Manga Bible, a manga adaptation of the world's bestselling book, with art drawn by London based artist Siku.

Currently 4 different versions have been announced, The Manga Bible NT-Raw and The Manga Bible NT-Extreme (released in February) contains only the New Testament, while The Manga Bible Raw Edition and The Manga Bible Extreme Deluxe Edition (to be released in July) will contain the entire Bible.

Source: Otaku News

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Manga Bibles

There are a lot of manga bibles out there. I didn't know there was such a market for them. I am just learning about manga from my friends who are obsessed with all things Japanese. What do you think about Zondervan's Manga Bible?

Zondervan's version of the Manga Bible

OKay, so my soon to be 7 year old loves them! He is a fantastic reader and just devours these books (5 or 6 in the series so far). Note that they are a bit irreverent and not the 'Bible' per se but a retelling of the stories there. That said, I like them better than the more violent, action-oriented versions where Jesus seems to be an action hero throwing everyone with a demon around...That should be more of a concern than the artist/writer's humor here. Anyway, they are for kids and probably won't please hardcore Japanese comic fans anyway.