New Professional Anime and Manga News/Social Networking Site Officially Launched

The beta version of, a professional news and social networking centered around anime, manga and Japanese culture has been officially launched. Below is the full press release: poised to deliver professional news and social networking for anime, manga and Japanese culture fans

FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- animeOnline, Ltd. today announced the launch of the beta version of, the new online community and news resource designed to reach the growing entertainment audience interested in anime, manga and Japanese entertainment. animeOnline is headed by Rob Bricken, former editor of anime industry publication Anime Insider.

The main feature of animeOnline ( ) is its accessibility. It is a one-stop shop for entertainment fans to get the latest news and information on their favorite entertainment industry, as well as a place to gather and meet fans who share their same passion. News articles and stories will cover anime, manga, videogames, music and all Japanese culture, be professionally reported, and updated every day. Entertainment offerings on the site will include an uploadable video section, as well as actual anime episodes available for sale on the site.

"Anime is part of a very large entertainment industry in the United States and animeOnline will provide fans with a central location to get professional news, meet other fans and discuss the latest events," says Rob Bricken, editor in chief of "We are really excited to launch the beta version and start working with fans to make this the ultimate online destination for anime fans."

When asked how the idea for animeOnline came about, Bricken explains that while he had long seen the need for such a site it was Gen Fukunaga, president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment, who put things in motion.

"We are part of an industry that covers everything from anime, manga and video games to Japanese pop music," said Fukunaga. "Fans of this entertainment genre and industry flock to the Internet to find news and other people with similar interests. But there is no central point for them to gather and get information. That is where animeOnline comes in."

Bricken was brought in to ensure the site's independence. "Independence is crucial to any news organization, and for animeOnline it is essential for this site to live up to its potential and fill the need for professional news covering the entire industry," explains Fukunaga. "We hope that both fans and businesses will get behind animeOnline and help generate awareness for the entire industry."

Bricken was also selected to lead animeOnline because of his knowledge of the U.S. anime industry and his experience managing the industry publication Anime Insider. As Editor in Chief of animeOnline, he is in charge of the development and direction of the site, as well as the content and functionality. "At its core, this is a news site, an entertainment site and an online community for the multitude of people in the United States who are interested in anime, manga and Japanese entertainment," summarizes Bricken. "We are really looking forward to getting input from fans and working with them to make animeOnline the best experience it can be."

The social networking features of the site are designed specifically with the anime and manga fan in mind. Not only does it allow the creation of personal profile pages, and the ability to send email, add friends, write a blog and the other regular offerings of any online community, but it also provides members a chance to present their five favorite series on their personal pages in a prominent but aesthetic way. Fans can proclaim their favorites and easily see what their friends are fans of as well as all other anime members at a glance.

animeOnline will be attending New York Comic Con and will be holding a panel on Saturday, February 24 at 1:00 ET.

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animeOnline is an independent professional news resource, entertainment destination and online community for anime, manga and Japanese culture fans. The site was established to provide a central location for fans of Japanese entertainment to get professional news, meet other fans and discuss the latest events. For more information on contact Rob Bricken, (817) 301-4480, or

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