Doujinshi Manga Artist Prosecuted for Tax Evasion

topOn February 21st, Nagano district court prosecuted doujin manga creator Mizue Shimosato for income tax evasion of 65.7 million yen. Shimosato created The Prince of Tennis doujin and many other doujinshi works under the name of "Kaoruko Shinagawa." According to report, Shimosato reported to the tax office that her income was around 20 million yen for three years, while her true income was around 200 million yen, and the income tax her was supposed to pay was approximately 65.7 million yen.

Shimosato began her career as a doujin mangaka in 2002. According to Shimosato, "Dojin manga creators don't have any assurances in their future, so I wanted to reserve my money for my future."

Last year, the Kanto-Shinetsu district taxation bureau reported Shimosato to the prosecutor's office, as a result Shimosato already paid a 93 million yen penalty tax on 19th of this month.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun