Manga Suspended from Serialization - Jinki: Extend Dropped from Comic Blade

topBack in September 2006, Sirou Tunasima's mecha manga Jinki: Extend went on hiatus due to Tunasima's work rescheduling and chronic waist illness (not officially confirmed). Jinki was scheduled to restart before the end of 2006, but not only did Jinki not return, it was dropped from Mag Garden's Comic Blade (the magazine it was serialized in) because of conflicts between Tunasima and the magazine's Editor-in-Chief.

Tunasima said in his online journal that he hopes to bring Jinki back to the fans. Will the fans be able to meet Jinki in another magazine? Five titles will come to an end in this month's and next month's Comic Blade, which signals that the content of Comic Blade will undergo a drastic change.

Tunasima's Journal Entry:

Owabi (Apology to fans)

jinkiI need to make a sad announcement. Jinki: Extend was dropped from Comic Blade. There has been a lot of problems, but I'm not allowed to talk about the details. What I can say is that the Editor-in-Chief told me that "Robots (mecha) are not human, so Comic Blade can't treat them as humans."

For me, I have always drawn my robots like humans. I know the publisher is making the magazines for profit, but I believed that they would recognize me some day. I was told such word when Jinki became an anime series, and I felt a new opportunity coming.

Sure, robots aren't humans. The Editor-in-Chief said the truth; however, if I hadn't used the robots as my characters, I probably wouldn't be able to work despite my illness. If my robots weren't the characters, then what did I create? What was Jinki? I was very shock by the Editor-in-Chief's words.

This wasn't the only reason why I had to stop working. I know a mangaka shouldn't say such things, but this was the biggest reason, and I can no longer trust the Editor-in-Chief and Comic Blade. I have to apologize here to all those related to this.

Fortunately, I didn't lose my motivation, I'm not melancholy or anything. My work is still progressing, I already finished about 60 pages after volume 9, and Comic Blade promised me they won't claim any rights to Jinki after volume 9.

I'll do my best to bring Jinki back in front of its fans again, in any forms.

Sirou Tunasima


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J:E Revived

Tunashima has reported on his diary site that he has received more than 10 mails from publishers wishing to continue J:E.

That is sad indeed

That is sad indeed. ;_; I understand the business side of the medium but the excuse given don't make sense to me. I would have to see what is the type of character Comic Blade has in mind for their projects to understand this decision.

Oh, well. I just wish the manga continues in any other publisher. And thanks to Sirou Tunasima for the letter. Its very nice and appreciated.