Tsugumi Ohba Talks about Inspiration for Death Note and Justice

From The Star Online comes a short interview with Tsugumi Ohba, author of Death Note, where he talks about his inspiration for Death Note as well as his views on justice. When asked about his inspiration, Ohba said, "There was nothing in particular. I started thinking of some ideas and while these ideas were still floating in the back of my mind, I got more ideas to fill up detailed plots like the rules and the god of death and so on." According to his response, Ohba did not get his inspiration from Shigeru Mizuki's short story.

Where did the inspiration for Death Note come from?

There was nothing in particular. I started thinking of some ideas and while these ideas were still floating in the back of my mind, I got more ideas to fill up detailed plots like the rules and the god of death and so on. Eventually, I thought there was enough material for a good story to tell.

Why did you choose to portray L in such a quirky way?

I wanted L to be an extremely unorthodox character to contrast with Light, who is supposed to be a brilliant and outstanding student.

What is your stance on justice? Do people have the right to take another life in the name of justice?

I did not put much deep thought into subjects like "life and death" or "justice and evil".

I wrote the story hoping that it would be good entertainment.

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In Response To Article....

Pretty interesting stuff. Death Note really is a great manga, and the anime just gets better and better, if possible. LOL

L indeed is a great character. A well developed one, maybe one of the best. ^_^


hey death note lover doese tsugumi ohba read this page?


i wish they could like make a new death note called Death Note II
but that is most likly not to happen

Yeah, they should make a

Yeah, they should make a Death Note II where Light is a shinigami. Don't people turn into shinigami after they use the Death Note? That's what I think, and it would be interesting to see what shinigami Light looks like.


The idea in contrasting L and Light is very effective since each of them are rivals and they spark the plot for the most part.


it seems from appearance that L is definately not Japanese, wondering where him Near and Mello were born and raised

Near and Mello are from

Near and Mello are from Winchester, England. They came from Wammy's house (An orphanage established by Watari) L is from the UK too and is a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian, and a quarter Italian or French. (So said the author in an interview)

Oh P.S Well, that's where



Well, that's where Near and Mello were raised anyway.

Judgeing merely by the

Judgeing merely by the names, id say L is French, M is Russian, and N is American.

Mello's origins

I looked up Mello's real name, and found out that he's most likely Slovenian.

Interesting interview. Tsugumi Ohba's intriguing. But, whether it was intended or not, Death Note is more than just good entertainment.

L's nationality

L+ Best. Character. Ever

L=best character ever ^^

L=best character ever ^^

the ending

arhgg.. i hate the ending.. :) what about Misa. is she dead or not? i wish she will take revenge. :D

man i know that sucks like

man i know that sucks like come on you could at least made near die and balance the flow of good dead and bad dead that sucked so much like come on there was no resson to kill light plus if i was to see Tsugumi Ohba i would make him make a new death note where light and Misa end up living happy and nears head on there wall lol

Misa committed suicide on

Misa committed suicide on the valentines day after Light died.

Light died because

LOL, well he had it coming :)

Misa killed herself after

Misa killed herself after learning of Light's death.

Near needs to get his head blasted off with a bazooka, and Mello should've stayed alive and lived happily in a chocolate factory...


y did l have to die abck more death notes and bring L back plz

y did l have to die abck more death notes and bring L back plz bring him back tsugumi ohba plz i beg of u there millions on people. in amrecia who want 2 see L back. when he died it realy piised me off. almost made me not wacht it anymore but. that would be betral and L momneries. plz Mr. tsugumi ohba. make more eopsodes of death note and say soemthing liek this L was faking his death 2 let ligth think he was dead or soemthing. or L died but the death gods brought him back for something reason plz mr.tsugumi ohba i can 100 percent of all death lover lovers such as my self will love to c this happen. to be honest L remnid me of me we both have the same trian of thought. we act the same we almost look alike.has no friends. will i have friends but they not good 1s. liek ligth wasnt a good friend he killed L that bastred made me ant 2 jump in the show all kill light aka kira and kill him. so plz plz plz plz please please please make more death njote epoised and bring back L some how.

from chris one of the world biggest death note fans

Dude, have you seen the

Dude, have you seen the movie??? With the scenario that L doesnt die, the story suck

death note

the series keeps my interest, it is a brilliant piece of work. i am intrigued by the author,lol. i collect teapots haha


THanks 1# fan HunterOK fist of all I respect death note its the best manga movie and anime ever! BUT THE ENDING plz DO ANOTHER MANGA where KIRA (light yagami)kills all criminals and misa and him get married and HE wins why did he have to die make KIRA acutely WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uhh, no thanks.

Even I wouldn't like your preferred ending.
Light should kill Misa and marry Kiyomi Takada instead. Misa's just sooo annoying. ;>_>

And I just love the last chapter and Matsuda's theory and the Kira cult. <3

Tsugumi Ohba.

Wow....Tsugumi is like my all time idol. I wish i could meet him sometime.

Would there ever be a death note 2

like what if Ryuk drops another death note and some other guy that was smarter than light gets it and does the same thing he does and what if he killed Near then who would serpass near? with mello and ryuzaki dead

Death Note

DeathNote is really great series. It connects on a personal level for me. It made me question my idea of justice and If I could be either Light or L who would I be. Light is very intresting, but to impaitent and emotionally stupid which I think is what lead to his death in the series. L is......who I wish I could be. His ways of thinking and solveing puzzles. Useing basic intuition and cunning to think of percents and figuring things out. Most people find it odd the way he sits or that he eats constantly, but I understand that I think that most likley it makes things intresting in life. I think this becuase of what I think. I think that everything seems to be boring. I don't like routine things. I perfer to change them around 'till there "different". With out things being different L couldn't do what he does so good.

In the end Death Note is a great manga, anime, and movie.

Death Note Petition

hey if anyone here has Contact to mr. Tsugumi Ohba please send him this http://gma7sucks.blogspot.com/

its really important

you guys should sign this petition too


>OMG I loved death note but killing light to end the story like come on it was what 40 to 60 episodes and like killing light ending it that way just made me so mad MR.Tsugami Ohba in less you make a new story about it like lets say the best thing I would say would be almost the same thing but longer and note killing light like killing all of the other people in the ware house on the LAST episode and continuing on and make some one else try to get read of light and made it go on a bit longer would of made it better and you can still do that by doing all most the same thing but different as i said a little bit ago. PLus wait a bit before killing L he was cool that was a little short for that battle like what 9 episodes there struggle to get read of each other was.

P.S. Do that soon and send those new episodes to YTV so they can put them on the air. Any way this will get you more money and more fans because lots of people stoped watching death note when L died i know because half of my school liked death note but then L died an then know one watch it but me and a few other people. O my school has 200 and some people in it.

Continuation of Death Note

Yuuko Asami (or Tsugumi Ohba) is a brilliant writer/creator.

It is obvious the fans of Death Note are quite passionate about the series, or so we have discovered.

We hope to see the resurrection of such characters as L Lawliet and Light Yagami, and the continuation of the series.
The demand is certainly there, as are the petitions.

I'm sure when Mr. Asami wrote the series he had no idea that it would become one of the most loved animes in the history of anime creation.

With such a beloved series, it is always a good idea not to 'kill off' the main characters, or at least leave it open for the possibility of the characters to still be alive. This way, the creator always has the option of bringing a character back or continuing the series.

And for Death Note fans, do not be dismayed. The possibility is always there for the continuation of the series and the resurrection of your beloved "L" and "Light".
Writers such as Tsugumi Ohba, can work miracles if they so decide. And, it wouldn't be the first time a loved terminated character in a series was brought back to life.
Keep the faith!
Anime United/USA


OMG!! PLEASE CONTINUE THE SERIES OF DEATH NOTE!!!! I really fell in love with that show. My favorite episode was the meet in the warehouse where light finally meets near and confesses to everyone that he is KIRA . Then dies when Ryuk write his name in the Death Note. I also love the way that L fought Light. That scene was funny that I almost fell off the couch because they both were in handcuffs and when Ryuzaki kicked Light to the ground, Ryuzaki went flying with him. That was really entertaining.I was about to cry when L died. He was my favorite character and now the killer aka Light is taking up his name. I was very mad at that. I'm glad that Near took him out though.

Right now i'm reading the "Los Angelos BB Murder Case" for the second time. This book is so good. Although the beginning gave me goosebumps a little. When I came to the end where Micheal aka Mello announced about how Watari met 8-yr old L I thought that should be a good idea for the author to write a book about L's life. I know that there are some L fans out there wanting to know how Watari met L and how L became the "Greatest Detective".

Mr. Tsugumi Ohba I'm Death Note's #1 fan and if you are reading this (that is if you go to this webpage) I'm asking that you plz continue the Death Note series.

hold on

Im not going to be saying all that plz con. the series and all that i just want to tell u how frustrated i am.U know the ep where L dies and hes cleaning Lights feet?everyones saying that trhats a yaoi momentX( Hes just making up for his sins for instance he got Light wet!I hate how ppl discrace Ls name like that!

Foot Washing

When i first saw that scene it did look a litte yaoi, but i immediately made the christian religious connection that it was written that Jesus washed the feet of the one who was to betray him (Judas). So i think that is what that scene was relating to.

I have some ideas for maybe the next death note 2

Mr. Tsugumi Ohba after seeing death note I 2 have plans on becoming someone like you because i love animation and i love your work. i would like to give you my ideas of death note the second part.
if you have some interests please contact me by e-mail it's furia34@msn.com.


ok, seriously now. why are you people hating on the wammy boys?!? kira is EVIL! he KILLS PEOPLE! criminals or not, humans have a right to live. L, Near, and Mello were just trying to stop the menacing dictator that was kira. by the way, when misa found out that light was dead, she comitted suicide. it says so in the 13th volume.

Hey. what did we talk about.

Hey. what did we talk about. no posting on comi anymore. remember. or topix.

that interview said

that interview said nothing!!!!

Why does nobody understand?

The reason that light died was because it was a good way to end the series in a twist. i also think that light is much better than L. And you other people should learn to spell. And also if you want to see more there is always the episode after light dies, its one that takes place after his death and is in the shinigami world.


how the fuck can you kill Light, u basterd i was crying all day because he died alone. Anime is my life and i take it seriously, so dont kill the most amazing guy ever in your animes ever again..... I loved Light Yagami and to see him die like that was just to painfull so all u basterds who think this is entertainment can go to hell.

i wish the author could give

i wish the author could give a detailed interview rather then the interviewer asking a question and tsegumi just saying "i didnt really think bout that". don't get me wrong, the anime is AMAZING, i would just like some anwsers because in my opinion, alot was NOT answered such as L's past or the Wammy House.


is there any way to actually contact Tsugumi Ohba? 0_0 thaat'll be totally sweet


honeestly, i owuld love to see a new series,me and my freinds are actually making a novel based on DN its really cool,in a few weeks ill start posting chapters here....

I want to write about the different aspects of lie but in a cunn

Wow I wrote a summary of what I wanted to write I can't beleive how dum this wabsite is you erased my comment. Any way I need inspiration to write a cunning series and to keep my fellow peers interested. That is all for now i don't want this thing to erase my message.

I want to write about different aspects of life in cunnning way

The reason why I want to do this is because I realized I'm like one of the detecives in the Death note series. I'm not smart enough to come up with own orignal concepts or even just a great entertaining story. But I do beilieve I could write a detective book because I understand how to outsmart my adversaries. Its just I don't know where to start because my interest go beyond just Diagnoses. I want to include that but also a hero of power, but I don't want to force it. I need to keep my characters likeable and I must brain storm. To check what can be accepted in this popculture. I don't mean to do things that show inappropriate themes. Because my reasonings for this is that I profess in christianity belief. I need to concentrate in order for me to process my ideas in a formal matter.


ya i want an email contact or omething so i can ask him if shinigami in directora cut is reallly light