Made in Akiba, Taro Aso Milk Castella

topA new desert named after Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Aso was recently sold in Akihabara. The desert, "Taro's Milk Castella," first appeared in Akihabara near the end of 2006. The cake sold at 525 yen a piece, and was said to be inspired by Aso's love of milk cake.

Taro Aso is famous for being an anime and manga fan. Due to his love for PEACH-PIT's Rozen Maiden, he received the nickname "Rozen Aso" (ローゼン麻生). Last September Aso's campaign speech at Akihabara received great response from the otaku audience.

On the cake box, Aso can be seen sitting with manga that looks like Rozen Maiden, and writings such as "Made in Akiba (゚∀゚)(´・ω・`)," "Go! Our Taro" and "I'm really an Akiba otaku." After Mainichi Shimbun published an article on the cake on January 5th, the cake was immediately sold out the next day, and stores had to re-stock to prepare for the onslaught of otaku cake-buyers.

Source: Akiba Blog