2008 Summer London Anime Convention Rumor


Otaku News has posted some information on a rumored "full blown Anime & Manga convention" some call Kanacon, which will take place in London in 2008 summer. There are no concrete information regarding the convention. Below is an excerpt from the press release posted on Otaku News:

LONDON, UK - January 11, 2007. - Recently, rumours of a convention set to take place in London have surfaced amongst various areas of the UK Anime and Manga community. Not much information is currently known, and what little we have, is very unclear. The name "Kanacon" comes up regularly, and one constant is that the location for this supposed event is London. Whilst London has the very popular MCM Expo events, it has yet to have a full blown Anime & Manga convention. JapanEX springs to mind, however - that is an exhibition.

One thing that can be confirmed, is that various industry members have been contacted in regards to an event by the name of Kanacon - yet they were unwilling to divulge any information in regards to it. Whether they would be attending the event, were backing it, or had even heard of it.

Source: Otaku News