D.Gray-man Artist Contracts Norovirus

This month Japan experienced its largest outbreak of infectious gastroenteritis, mainly caused by norovirus, in 25 years.

In the latest Jump TOC, a quote from Katsura Hoshino, creator of D.Gray-man, read: "Sorry for carelessly contracting the norovirus, I will work even harder next year!" (不覚にもノロウィルスにやられてしまいました。来年は今年の何倍も頑張ります!). D.Gray-man will be absent in Weekly Shonen Jump No.3 (12/18). According to the TOC, the manga will return in Weekly Jump No.4+5.

Jump TOC (previously called Early Sales info) stands for Weekly Shonen Jump's Table of Contents, each week a preview of the Jump TOC is posted on 2ch a few days to a week before the magazine is released.