10th Japanese Media Arts Festival Winners

The winners of the 2006 Japanese Media Arts Festival have been announced. One grand prize, four excellence prize, and one encouragement prize were given in each of the four categories. A total of 1,808 works were submitted from both inside Japan and around the world.

The special achievement prize was given to Akira Daikuhara (Animator) for his contribution to the media arts.

The winners in each category were:

Art Division:
- Grand Prize: Imaginary Numbers by Keiko Kimoto
- Excellence Prize: Xman vibration
- Excellence Prize: OLE Coordinate System
- Excellence Prize: front
- Excellence Prize: MediaFlies
- Encouragement Prize: Sagrada Familia Plan

Entertainment Division:
- Grand Prize: Okami by Clover Studio
- Excellence Prize: Rizumu Tengoku
- Excellence Prize: DS Cooking (Shaberu! DS Ryouri Navi in Japan)
- Excellence Prize: CORNELIUS "Fit Song"
- Excellence Prize: Japan Rediscovery Map
- Encouragement Prize: Ame Gatana (Rain Gatana)

Animation Division:
- Grand Prize: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo by Mamoru Hosoda
- Excellence Prize: Ohanashi no Hana (Flowers of Story)
- Excellence Prize: A Country Between the Worlds
- Excellence Prize: Haru No Mezame (Spring Awakens)
- Excellence Prize: PIKA PIKA
- Encouragement Prize: La grua y la jirafa (The crane and the giraffe)

Manga Division:
- Grand Prize: A Spirit of the Sun by Kaiji Kawaguchi
- Excellence Prize: Oooku
- Excellence Prize: Osaka Hamlet
- Excellence Prize: Hyakki Yakou Shou
- Excellence Prize: Yotsuba&!
- Encouragement Prize: SHI RI TO RI

Achievement Prize: Akira Daikuhara (Animation director)

A list of recommended works can be found here.

The recommended manga were:

  • IS
  • Team Medical Dragon
  • Onii-chan to Issho
  • Kataribe (Storyteller)
  • Koukoku no Shugosha (Imperial Guards)
  • Suzuki Sensei
  • Tsukidate no Satsujin
  • Truede Obasan Grim no Youna Monogatari
  • Honey and Clover
  • Historie
  • Hourou Musuko
  • Mimikaki Ochou
  • Moyashi-mon
  • Takashi Morimoto Short Story Collection
  • Yume no Soko

Information on the 2006 Japanese Media Arts Festival can be found here.