Takeshi Obata New Series Confirmed, 3 New Manga Starting in Weekly Shonen Jump

imgAccording to the lastest Weekly Jump early sales info, the rumored new manga from Death Note creator Takeshi Obata, titled "Blue Dragon: Ral╬ęGrado", will begin serialization Weekly Shonen Jump issue 1 (12/4). The description under the titles says: "The history of a boy who arrives in a world where darkness reigns."

Also starting in Weekly Shonen Jump:

Shonen Jump No.2
- "Jinriki Keiyakusha M&Y" by Akira Akatsuki
Shonen Jump No.3
- "Juku Ningen Jon Boll" by Hiroyuki Takei

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i hope this anime will be

i hope this anime will be good. if its better than death note i will be freakin suprised!! i dont think it will tho.