More Information on Rumored New Series from Death Note Creator Takeshi Obata

The same blog that released scans of Takeshi Obata's new Weekly Jump series a few days ago has released another scan. According to the new scan, Obata's new series will be called Blue Dragon: Raru╬ęGurado. There has been no official confirmation regarding the new series, and the scans posted has not yet been confirmed to be authentic Jump scans.

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I wonder if this is true.

I wonder if this is true. And if so, will it be tied to the Blue Dragon videogame? it would be great :)


i love this show, but i do have one question about it. i just wanted to know what L's real name is and how old he is? i also want to know how old Light is? so if you could email me back that would be great thank you


His real name is L Lawliet and he is 25 years old.


HyperText Transfer ProtocolI love Death Note, and I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE L!!! But I was wondering, still new at Death Note, but wasn`t Ryuzaki L's rel name (im only on the second volume, but my friends have nearly told me the whole story like L's depressing and unfortunate death];`I cried when my friend told me for like a week im stil sad cuz i LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE himPlese reply btw rock rocks*_*

Who wrote....

HyperText Transfer ProtocolHyperText Transfer ProtocolWho wrote that stupid Question? OHHH! WAIT! THAT WAS ME!;P LOL!!!!!!!

death note

hey i was wondering is BB or Beyond Birthday really part of death note?

death note

i like the death note series.......but it is too short..... if there any some coming death note........plz reply me.

Smart way to corner Light

L should have changed his name to Light Yagami!:D would have been funny to see how light would managed to kill L than.

you can't just change your

you can't just change your name and think it will apply to the death note. The death note follows your birth, the name that you entered the world. After all the death note is a tool for gods.