VIZ Media Announces New Vice President, Magazines and Editor-in-Chief for Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat

ActiveAnime reports that VIZ Media has named Marc Weidenbaum to be its new Vice President, Magazines and Editor-in-Chief of Shonen Jump Magazine and SHojo Beat Magazine.

Marc Weidenbaum started at VIZ Media as the Managing Editor of SHONEN JUMP and was promoted to Editorial Director, when he helped launch the successful NARUTO Collector series of magazines.

Previous to joining VIZ Media he was an Editorial Director at and editor at Pulse!, the magazine published by Tower Records, where among other things he edited the comics pages for a decade and founded Tower's first online publication. He has edited comics that have appeared in such books as Adrian Tomine's Scrapbook (Drawn & Quarterly) and Justin Green's Musical Legends (Last Gasp). He also wrote the afterword for VIZ Media's award-winning manga SEXY VOICE AND ROBO.

Source: ActiveAnime