New Series from Takeshi Obata!?

A Japanese blog has posted a leaked scan (currently unverified) of Weekly Shonen Jump, which reveals that Takeshi Obata, artist of Hikaru no Go and Death Note, will begin a new serialization titled "Rarugurado" in Weekly Shonen Jump No.1 (New Year's issue), on sale December 4th. The issue will also come with a pencil board with original artwork from Takeshi's. At this time there has been no official confirmation regarding the new series.


Translation of the blog post:

Takeshi Obata will start a new series called "Rarugurado." I received this news from a friend of mine who works at a certain magazine publishing company. (Because of the image's file size, I cropped some parts out.) I thought it was a fake story at first, but the scan seems to be real.

If this is true, I'm really looking forward to it. It'll even come with a pencil board with Takeshi's original art. Only Obata-sensei's name was mentioned, so we don't know if there will be another story writer. Just by the title, this manga sounds magnificent.