Shoujo Manga Lecture Takes Place in São Paulo


A shojo manga lecture by researcher Masami Toku will take place in São Paulo (Brazil) on November 1st at 08:00 p.m. Masami Toku is currently an associated teacher of Artistic Education at California State University, Chico (U.S.A.), she will travel to Brazil to talk about the "Power of Girl's Comics" project.

The lecture, "The Force of the Shojo Manga," will discuss the values and contributions of the Japanese manga-style drawing to the visual culture, the Japanese society, and young people from around the world. The event will be endorsement by JBC Publishing and Fundação Japão.

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Dr. Toku

Dr. Masami Toku will be in Venezuela this weekend, in the Anime and Manga Festival of the Japan Embassy at Venezuela.
She will be the special guest of the event.