Sony E-reader and Manga

With Sony's portable e-book reader set to launch on October 1, CBR's Tony Salvaggio talks about what it's like to read manga on the e-reader.

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When are the publishers going to make manga available for the ereaders out there? I have been trying to get Sony to get manga in their ereader format over almost 2 years, nada. They have only a small listing of vol 1's on their store site, only 25 manga titles. And yes, they are only 1st volumes, no continuations. I like to collect manga but I do not have the room. The publishers-Viz, Tokyo Pop, GoComi & others need to make their titles available for the various ereaders on the market. I mean you can read them on your computer or load them onto an ereader & have your collections or favs with you wherever you go.

Just my rant.